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Knight's 24-Hour Trainer
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A unique book-and-video package for learning Microsoft SQLServer Integration Services If you need a practical, hands-on introduction to Microsoft SQLServer 2008 Integration Services (SSIS), this book and videopackage from foremost SSIS authority Brian Knight gets youthoroughly up to speed. Each lesson in the book includes threemajor components: a thorough description of how each SSIS featureor process works; a tutorial that walks you through the process ortechnique; and a video lesson that demonstrates it. If you take full advantage of this comprehensive package, youwill gain enough experience to tackle your first SSIS project withconfidence. * SQL Server Integration Services 2008 (SSIS) builds on therevolutionary database product suite first introduced by Microsoftin 2005 and is a powerful tool for performing extraction,transformation, and load (ETL) operations essential to datawarehousing * If you're just learning SSIS, the step-by-step tutorials inthis book and DVD training package will ready you to tackle yourown first project * Every lesson in the book is supplemented by instructional videoon the DVD Note:As a part of this title, video lessons are included onDVD. For the e-book versions, video lessons can be accessed using a link provided in the interior of thee-book.

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