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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Qimonda AG (Pink Sheets: QMNDQ), (pronounced "key-MON-da") was a memory company split out of Infineon Technologies (itself a spun-off business unit of Siemens AG) on 1 May 2006, to form at the time the second largest DRAM company worldwide, according to the industry research firm Gartner Dataquest. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Qimonda is a 300 mm manufacturer, and is one of the top suppliers of DRAM products for the PC and server markets. Infineon still controls a 77.5% stake, which it has written down (2008). Infineon was on record as having the aim of divesting itself of this stake, with the purpose of becoming a minority stakeholder in 2009. The company has issued 42 million ADR shares, each ADR share representing one ordinary share in Qimonda. At its height in 2007, Qimonda employed approximately 13,500 personnel worldwide, from whom 1,800 were employed in R&D with access to four 300 mm manufacturing sites and operating six major R&D facilities, and included a chip packaging complex in Vila do Conde, Portugal, and its lead R&D center in Dresden, Germany, in total covering three continents.

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